Hike #47 of 52- Bryant Grove Trail – Long Hollow State Park

The last time I hiked the 4-mi one-way Bryant Grove Trail was pre-camera phone days and despite the fact it hadn’t rained in approximately 4 days, the entire trail was mired in mud and standing water.  Even stopping to change socks and shoes halfway through didn’t help anything and I was just miserable the entire time.  Years later, it hadn’t rained in weeks, so I assumed (correctly) that it would be safe to try the trail once more.

Sadly I didn’t realize until I had gotten started that my camera was almost completely dead (courtesy of the Old Hickory Lake Nature Trail earlier in the day), so I quickly grabbed a few shots since pictures or it doesn’t count.

The most strenuous part of Bryant Grove is the length, but there are paring lots at both ends, so if you’re not prepared for an 8-mi hike, I recommend hiking with a friend and leaving one of your cars at the opposite side from which you intend to begin.  Or if you’re the type of person who is able to successfully estimate your hiking time, you can always have someone meet you at the turn around point.

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