East Coast Road Trip 2018 – Day #2 – Battle of Fredericksburg

W- and I’s last stop of Day #2 was the Battle of Fredericksburg, which took place December 11-15, 1862.  Union forces commanded by Major General Ambrose Burnside were massacred by General Robert E. Lee’s Confederate troops in one of the most lop-sided battles of the American Civil War.  The disparity in casualties was due to the fact that Confederate forces were entrenched in the high ground along several locations, including Marye’s Heights.

The Fredericksburg Visitor Center is slightly smaller than the one in Chancellorsville, but it’s still very cool and worth taking the time to see.



Although it was a super warm, humid day, W- and I grabbed some water out of the cooler in the car and hiked the Sunken Road Walking Trail.  The trail guides people along the Sunken Road, which was a road (as the name would suggest) protected by a 4-ft stone wall that Confederate troops used as cover for their infantry, up to Marye’s Heights (a steep, but doable climb), and finally to the National Cemetery.  Visitors have the option of hiking parts or all of the trail, and there are guided tour options as well.  I do recommend you try not to do it in the heat of the day during summer like we did, however.  I think we may have sweat through all of our clothes…

Sunken Road




Marye’s Heights


National Cemetery


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